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State Representative Ed Thompson

Jeff Barry is a strong conservative and faithful, Christian family man. On the school board and on the city council, Jeff Barry served honorably with a high regard for ethics while advocating for our conservative values,” said Rep. Thompson. “I am proud to endorse Jeff Barry as your next State Representative. Join me in voting for conservative Jeff Barry!

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Sheriff Bo Stallman

“Jeff Barry is an ally to Brazoria County law enforcement and has worked side by side with us to keep our communities safe. I am proud to endorse Jeff Barry as our next State Representative and look forward to working closely with him to protect our families, reduce crime and shut down Biden’s broken border.”

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Alvin Mayor Gabe Adame

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Pearland Mayor Kevin Cole

"When looking for a State Representative to represent Pearland and the rest of HD29, I am looking for someone I trust and that has a breadth of knowledge in various areas. Jeffrey Barry best fits that for me. His experience on the Pearland ISD school board, Pearland City Council, and Pearland EDC board, as well as a successful business owner give me confidence he can do the job and best represent us in the Texas House of Representatives. Join me and support Jeffrey Barry for HD29."


Lake Jackson Mayor Gerald Roznovsky



Liverpool Mayor Ric Bogue

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Richwood Mayor Michael Durham

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Clute Mayor Calvin Shiflet

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Brookside Village Mayor Glenda Hundl

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Pearland City Councilmember Layni Cade

"Voting for the candidate with the strongest character, that you know will represent you honestly and ethically is vital. That is why my husband Vince and I are voting for Jeff Barry in the State Representative for HD29 race. I worked with Jeff on Pearland City Council and I know him to be kind, hard-working and honest. I also believe living in the district where you run is important (it’s also Texas law), and Jeff lives in HD 29—something one of his opponents can't claim). Jeff has served this community for almost 20 years. He has invested time in building relationships across HD 29 because he truly cares about homeowners and business owners. He is receptive, engaged and committed to governing well. He will handle citizen issues confidently, and he’s someone we deeply trust. We are honored to support and endorse Jeff in the HD 29 election."


Becky Carbone

"As a grandmother to three precious girls, Christian conservative, long time House District 29 resident and involved community member, I enthusiastically endorse Jeff Barry for State Representative. Jeff has demonstrated impeccable character and integrity as a school board member and city council member. He demonstrates ability to collaborate with others and he is running on his own strengths and merit rather than the coat tail of others. Jeff will make a fantastic State Rep and I am proud of him for stepping up to represent our community."


Deborah Gant

"I am proud to endorse Jeff Barry for State Rep in House District 29. My late husband Virgil Gant, namesake of the Pearland ISD administration building, served our public school district for 18 years all while I served the children of the greater Brazoria County area as a pediatrician for 30 years. Even in retirement, I am committed to the future success of our region. Jeff’s commitment to public schools, his steadfast character and his relentless integrity make me honored to support him in this important position."

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Rusty Burkett

"I fully endorse Jeff Barry for the Texas State House of Representatives. Jeff is a good listener and always ready to take a position of leadership to represent his constituents.


As an elected representative myself on the Galveston County Consolidated Drainage Board I reached out to Jeff while he was on Pearland City Council for a flooding relief project we were exploring to further mitigate area flooding issues. He promptly organized his side so we could do the work of the people.


That is the kind of responsiveness we need from our representatives!"



Pearland Mayor Pro Tem Joseph Koza

"Honesty, integrity and conservative values are the principles that Jeff Barry lives by. From his service on Pearland Economic Development Corporation Board, Pearland ISD School Board and Pearland City Council, he makes decisions in the best interest of his constituents based on these values. He is fully invested in HD 29 as a home owner and business owner that cares what decisions are made in Austin and how it impacts HD 29. Help me support Jeff Barry in his quest to become the next State Representative for HD29."


County Commissioners Stacy Adams, Dude Payne, and Ryan Cade

"As Precinct 3’s County Commissioner, I’m honored to support Jeff Barry for State Representative. His years of public service to the residents as a school board trustee, city councilman, small business owner, and a veteran makes him the RIGHT choice to represent our community. Jeff understands local government and knows the burden of unfunded mandates that the state passes on to local taxpayers."

- County Commissioner Stacy Adams

"Jeff is a community leader who fights hard for what he believes in. He’s also a conservative businessman and the type of person we need running the business of the state of Texas. Please join me in supporting Jeff in his run to be our next state representative"

- County Commissioner Ryan Cade

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Manvel Councilmember Crystal Sarmiento

" I am thrilled to endorse Jeff Barry for his unwavering commitment to conservative Christian values that prioritize faith and family.


In a time when our core beliefs are tested, I believe Jeff stands as a beacon of hope, championing principles that resonate deeply with our shared faith and familial values. Their steadfast dedication to preserving these fundamental values is evident in their every action and policy proposal.


What sets Jeff Barry apart is his genuine understanding of the everyday struggles faced by families and their pragmatic approach in addressing these issues. Jeff's commitment to ensuring that our families thrive, our faith is respected, and our communities flourish is both reassuring and inspiring.


I wholeheartedly believe that Jeff Barry is the leader we need – someone who embodies the values of faith, family, and community. On election day, I urge you to stand with Jeff Barry and support his vision for a future where our cherished beliefs and families remain the cornerstone of our society."


Jeff Van Wart

"Jeff Barry's extensive experience in various areas of public service sets him apart as an exceptional candidate for the Texas House District 29 seat. His service on school boards and in city government demonstrates his commitment to the betterment of our community. Jeff's dedication to education and his contributions to local governance have made a significant positive impact on the lives of countless residents in the district...I wholeheartedly support his candidacy and encourage all voters in Texas House District 29 to cast their ballots in favor of Jeff Barry..."


Pearland Councilmember Mona Chavarria

"It is with great honor that I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Barry's candidacy for Texas House

District 29.

With over 18 years of experience as the owner of Barry Insurance Group, Jeff Barry is equipped with the practical insights and resilience needed to navigate the complexities of our ever-evolving economic landscape, making him a valuable asset in advocating for policies that support small businesses and economic growth in our community. 

Jeff's commitment to transparent, accountable, and community-focused governance is a testament to his dedication to public service, making him an ideal candidate to represent our district in the Texas House of Representatives. His proven track record of putting constituents first and his ability to find practical solutions will undoubtedly benefit our state."


Pearland Councilmember Rushi Patel

"Jeff Barry is the best candidate to represent citizens of District 29 in Texas House of Representatives. Jeff fought to lower taxes and has been one of the strongest proponents of long-term planning because he understands the struggles of our communities and businesses face for the future. I am proud to support Jeff Barry in this race because I know he will continue to have the same conservative principles when elected to Texas House of Representatives."

Rushi Patel


Tony Carbone, Pearland City Councilmember

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Crystal Carbone, Pearland ISD Trustee

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Kenny Vernor

"Jeff’s honesty and work ethic are second to no one. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Barry for State Representative."


Dr. Hugh Patton

" I've known Jeff Barry for fifteen years, and we've served together on the Pearland Economic Development Corporation and the Pearland Lions Club. Jeff and I have collaborated on various community events for the Pearland Neighborhood Center. During Hurricane Harvey's aftermath, Jeff was there, standing shoulder to shoulder with neighbors and friends, helping others. He was also a founding member of the Pearland Enterprise Business Events, supporting small businesses and nonprofits. With Jeff's experience and conservative values on the school board, I'm proud to say my children received an outstanding education in PISD. I firmly believe Jeff possesses the qualities needed to be our next State Representative."



Constable Buck Stevens

"With our good friend and statesman, Ed Thompson stepping down, the next person we elect for house district 29 will have a direct impact on our lives. 


After much thought, research and consideration, I have made my choice to endorse Jeff Barry.


Three of the citizens in the race I know personally and consider all of them friends, however, I needed to make the best selection that I think does the most good.


I see that being in Austin requires a person to be a consensus builder, not a "lone ranger". Someone that can stand against the "norm" if needed. Someone that has a working knowledge of many forms of government and the ability to dig deep into budgets and wasted spending a long with solutions, not more questions. 


I think Jeff has these qualities and more and I fully support Jeff Barry as our next State Representative for district 29."



Alvin City Council Member Glenn Starkey

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Former Alvin Mayor Paul Horn

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Alvin ISD School Board Trustee Cheryl Harris

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Patrick O' Day



Former Pearland City Council Member Woody Owens

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