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Cut Property Taxes

Property taxes must be further reduced in Texas. The $18 billion property tax relief package for homeowners and businesses was a great decision; however, Texans are still enduring high inflation, increasing cost of living, and skyrocketing tax bills. Jeff Barry will support more property tax cuts, deductions, and exemptions to ensure that hardworking families can keep more of their income and achieve financial stability.

Secure The Border

Over 8 million illegal border crossings have occurred since Biden became president. That’s greater than the individual population of 38 states. Criminals have taken full advantage of our open borders, smuggling fentanyl and human beings into the country. Jeff Barry will make border security a top priority. He will expand the wall, increase border patrols, and strengthen ports of entry. Texas must protect its sovereignty.


Protect Texas Kids

Kids are becoming increasingly vulnerable to predators both online and in person. Jeff Barry will support the bans on explicit performances in public, such as drag shows, to protect the innocence of Texas children. He will also combat Big Tech by expanding privacy laws that protect user data from being used without permission. Barry believes no parent should worry about their kids being exposed to inappropriate materials or having their information stolen.

Support First Responders

Police officers, firefighters, and EMS risk their lives daily to save others. They are the unsung heroes of our community. As a veteran, Jeff Barry understands the sacrifices our first responders make to maintain public safety. He will support funding law enforcement and medical services so our public servants have enough resources to get criminals off our streets and keep Texans healthy.

Keep “Radical Woke” Policies Out Of Our Schools

Extremists want to enter our schools and force their radical “woke” policies on our children. Jeff Barry won’t allow this indoctrination. He will uphold the bans on sexual material in schools and classroom courses concerning gender identity. Barry will also support the ban on biological men competing in women’s sports, both at the collegiate and high school levels, to enforce fairness in competition. Texas stands for its moral values and won’t tolerate these dangerous policies.

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